New leadership at Xenia Municipal Court excited to serve community

As we begin a new year, Xenia Municipal Court is under new leadership, and they are ready to hit the ground running.

Judge Ron Lewis Clerk of Court Steve Pierson 002

Judge Ron Lewis took his oath of office on December 30, 2019 and has been on the job since the first of the year. “I’m excited to continue working in Xenia Municipal Court,” he said. Judge Lewis is a familiar face in the City of Xenia, first serving as the Xenia City Prosecutor in 2000, then as the City’s Law Director in 2001. Judge Lewis was Law Director until 2016 when he once again served as Xenia City Prosecutor. “I’ve served the community for the last 19 years,” he said, “I’m excited to serve it in a new capacity.”

Joining Judge Lewis is his new Clerk of Courts, Steve Pierson. The pair has known each other for 20 years and when Judge Lewis asked Pierson if he would fill the role, Pierson said he was surprised, but glad to accept. “It really made me feel proud that he thought I could do that job,” Pierson said. “I have a lot of respect for the judge,” he added, “I think he’s going to have a legacy of great common sense and great understanding of the people that come before him.” Pierson has been a licensed lawyer in the state of Ohio for 35 years, most of which he spent in private practice. Xenia Municipal Court was the first courtroom in which he practiced. “It’s got a nice feel to come back to where I started,” he said.

Judge Lewis is glad to have Pierson fill such an important role. “Steve has been one of the most respected criminal attorneys not only in the Miami Valley but in the Midwest for the past 35 years. Xenia Municipal Court is extremely lucky to have someone as qualified as Mr. Pierson as its Clerk of Courts.”

Moving forward, Judge Lewis envisions addressing how a court can be more accessible and user-friendly for the public, police departments and members of the bar. Judge Lewis also plans to use as many alternative sentencing measures as possible, as opposed to only sending people to jail. “The safety of the community always must come first,” Judge Lewis said, but notes that whenever possible, if alternative sentencing is more beneficial for defendants while also saving taxpayer money, he will consider these options.

Judge Lewis said he feels fortunate to have worked with the City of Xenia Law Department and looks forward to continuing the Court’s relationship with the victim advocates and prosecutor in his new role. He also has high praise for his staff, making note of Attorney Larry Lasky, who is a 27-year veteran of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Lasky will fill the role of Xenia Municipal Court’s Magistrate. Dannette Donatelli, who previously worked for the Clerk’s Office for 17 years, is also returning as the Chief Deputy Clerk

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