After 25 years of service, Xenia Police Division Officer Timothy Roop retires

OfficerRoop 002Xenia Police Division officer Timothy “Tim” Roop will respond to his last call on December 26, 2019, as he retires from a 25-year career in law enforcement.

Officer Roop is a 25-year veteran of the Police Force. In 1994 he received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Cedarville College. Officer Roop pursued his higher education and later graduated with a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Tiffin University. Before starting his career with the Xenia Police Division, Roop served as a security officer for Cedarville College for four years. He began his career as a Police Officer with the Xenia Police Division on January 30, 1995. During his career, Officer Roop served as a BAC operator, school resource officer, and as a member of the Crash Response Team.

Officer Roop received many commendations recognizing his professional conduct and performance throughout his career. In 2013 he received the Life Saving Commendation for his response and assistance to a call resulting in another life saved. Officer Roop was the recipient of the Neighborhood Beautification Award in 2003 for the highest level of activity to clean up his assigned district. In 1997 he received the Silver Shield Award, which recognized him for the highest level of activity. These are just a few of the many commendations Officer Roop received during his tenure as a Xenia Police Officer.

Chief Person states, “The Xenia Police Division is successful because we encourage officers to use their passions in their work where possible. Officer Roop has always been passionate about accident reconstruction and more importantly being an ambassador to the business community and a friend/mentor to the children in the schools, Tim’s talents in these areas will be missed.”

The City would like to commend Officer Tim Roop and thank him for his years of dedication and service. We wish him an enjoyable retirement and best wishes in his future endeavors.

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