Fall Newsletter from Bridges of Hope

Sprinklers are coming!!

We are so excited to announce that we are currently in the scheduling process of our sprinkler installation!  Funding has been approved, an installation company has been chosen and we are getting ready to begin!!  This is so exciting for us as this is the last piece in the puzzle for us to be able to have full occupancy of our building!  We are so thankful for having been able to have temporary occupancy through the second half of the summer and into the fall.  This has allowed to us to help many more people during this season.  

We are still housing men in the gymnasium of the building and women on the stage area.  This has been a blessing to us as it gives us secure and separate areas for our men and women to sleep each night.  We continue to be blessed by this amazing building and look forward to being able to use it more fully.  


"It has been comfortable, and warming.  I have stayed away from the street life, and they helped me meet really nice people."

-a guest at Bridges of Hope

We Need Operational Funding.  
We are in need of regular givers who are willing to give each month to our operational costs.  Because of being open during the summer, we have used many more funds than last year, when we were open only in the winter.  Our current level of support will not allow us to sustain year-round operation.  So we need YOUR help!!  A one time gift is great, or make a commitment to give each month to Bridges of Hope.  

If this is something that has been laid on your heart, please take a moment to go our Donation Page on the website and look at the various ways you can give, whether online or through your bank.  


"They touched my heart and I became a part of a very professional support system that helped me get my life back on the right road."

-a guest at Bridges of Hope

Giving Tuesday is coming up!  Mark your calendars and keep watching for more information on how you can turn your holiday spending into a blessing for others.  


"When I needed a helping hand the staff at Bridges of Hope was there for me.  Bridges of Hope is a place you can count on in time of need."

-a guest at Bridges of Hope

One Night Without a Home
During Homelessness & Hunger Awareness Week we are inviting people to spend 12 hours overnight in the cold to help raise awareness of homelessness as well as raise funds for the only adult shelter in Greene County, Bridges of Hope. 

On any given night here in Xenia, Bridges of Hope’s Shelter is actively working to house up to 50 people who are homeless, guiding them to gain the skills necessary to maintain long-term housing and independence.  Our mission as an organization is to be a hub of hope for those experiencing homelessness, poverty and the consequences of addiction.  The shelter is one aspect of fulfilling this mission. 

One Night Without A Home is an event aimed at raising funds for the ministry of the Bridges of Hope as well as drawing awareness to the topic of homelessness in Greene County. Participants will give up their warm beds for a night to get a glimpse of what homelessness is like.  Invite your family, youth group, campus group or church using your own property or street side to spend the night on.  Click the link below to start setting up YOUR fundraising page and planning your night without a home or support someone who is.  

Return on Investment... It Pays To Belong

When a business invests in the Xenia Area Chamber, it forms a partnership with over 400 other investors that leverage time, money, and other assets to create stronger individual businesses and a stronger community.