The Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce is Pleased to Endorse Issue 9 for Greene County Parks & Trails

Greene County is blessed to have numerous and diverse parks throughout the county. From athletic fields to accessible playgrounds, nature preserves to award winning recreational trails, Greene County parks offer recreational activities for nearly everyone. In 2015, a new levy was requested from the Greene County Parks District, citing the role our parks and our incredible trail system play in our local economy and asking for a means of support. That position was shared by a majority of voters, and the levy passed.

As we enter 2020, the Greene County Park District is asking for a renewal of that levy. The Board of Directors of the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously at its Sept. 17, 2019 meeting to endorse the renewal, Issue 9 on the November ballot. There are several reasons for this endorsement.

Follow through on commitments. When the levy was first introduced, the Parks District said the funds raised, estimated at $3.6 million, would be used for improvements to and maintenance of the parks and trail system. Since that time, millions of dollars of improvements have been made, from paving trails to adding playground equipment, improving and adding nature trails and adding modern restroom facilities.

Community impact. The park system touches nearly every community in the county, and provides numerous opportunities for resident and visitors to enjoy nature and many recreational activities. There are also locations for various small events like weddings and parties, and several venues annually attract thousands of visitors from outside the county. These visitors frequent local businesses, providing revenue and a reason for continued investment.

Quality of life. Though hard to measure, quality of life is a major factor when deciding where to live and invest. Quality parks offering an array of activities that are also well-supported demonstrate a thriving community. As the region continues to grow, ensuring a continued high quality of life is vital to attracting businesses and new residents.

The Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to endorse Issue 9 and the continued support of our incredible park system.

Steve Brodsky
Chairman of the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce Board

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