XCSF Awards More Classroom Grants for 2016-17

The Xenia Community Schools Foundation (XCSF) recently awarded almost $5,000 in grants to the Xenia Community Schools, bringing this year’s total to around $24,500. This is the third round of grants awarded for the 2016-2017 school year.

Warner Middle School’s “Science Resources” initiative will be funded through the Dr. Jenene Washington-Stepter Science Grant. Purchases of needed equipment will be used to enhance the middle school science curriculum and to provide for more “hands-on” experiences.

McKinley Elementary School will be hosting a science fair. Supplies will be provided through both the Science Grant and XCSF grant funds.Third grade students at McKinley will create electrical circuits using electrical energy boards purchased with XCSF grant funds.

A kindergarten class at Cox Elementary will use XCSF grant funded purchases to improve fine motor skills. Purchases will include lacing cards and Snap & Pop beads. The focus of the grant is to enhance fine motor skills using these items. Improved motor skills will impact the ability to write, cut, color and maneuver through a computer screen.

A “Sharing is Caring Club” will be formed for fifth graders at McKinley. This is a new service club focused on teaching compassion and service to fifth grade students. Grant funds will be used for supplies for service projects, including the purchase of stockings and stocking stuffers. The stockings will go to individuals in the community who are hospitalized, homeless or in nursing homes.

The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is providing support for the “Elementary S.T.E.A.M. Day/ Science Olympiad” at all five elementary schools.

Finally, the “Is a Pound Just a Pound? Analyzing the Human Body” grant at Warner Middle School will be used to purchase two body composition monitors. These will be used to measure students’ body compositions. After being measured, the students will research what would be healthier for them and develop and implement plans to improve their compositions.

All the grants for Xenia Community School students and teachers are beyond what regular school funding can provide. The grants awarded by the Foundation would not be possible without the help of the community. The XCSF sponsors the annual Hall of Honor Dinner and Induction Ceremony, along with a Silent Auction, along with additional fundraising events. Donations from such events help support the mission of the Foundation in providing support to Xenia Community Schools.

Xenia Community Schools Foundation, formerly known as the Xenia Educational Endowment Fund, is an Ohio non-profit 501(C) (3) corporation. Gifts made to the XCSF qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions. The Board of Directors includes both local residents and staff of the Xenia Community Schools District. The XCSF's purpose, among others, is to seek funding to be used for the benefit of faculty and students by embracing or going beyond the usual. For information about the XCSF, visit the website (xcsfoundation.com), check them out on Facebook (Xenia Community Schools Foundation) or leave a message at the Chamber of Commerce at 937-372-3591.

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