Scam Alert: DP&L Business Customers Targeted By Scam Calls

DP&L has received numerous calls about a payment scam where business customers reported they have been contacted by someone claiming to represent DP&L.

The caller threatens to shut off electric service, or even cut power lines or pull electric meters if immediate payment is not received.

Know the signs and educate your employees to spot a scammer posing as DP&L.

Scammers might pretend to be from DP&L. Your phone caller ID might even say “DP&L" or the call may appear to come from a DP&L phone number.

Scammers might threaten to turn off power to your business within an hour.

Scammers might demand payment immediately often by a pre-paid debit, or "Greendot" card.

Remember this is a crime!
  1. DO NOT pay over the phone – hang up.
  2. Call your local police station to report.
  3. Call DP&L at the telephone number on your bill to verify.

Please be aware that this is an industry wide problem that has affected many utilities across the country. DP&L is working with authorities to stop this unauthorized activity.

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