Devil Wind Brewing Company


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Perry Wyatt

130 S. Detroit St.
Xenia, OH 45385

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Devil Wind Brewing is the outcome of four friends and a combined 20 years of craft beer experiences. The purpose of Devil Wind is simple: to brew the most outstanding local beer for Dayton-area consumers and visitors to the greater Miami Valley area. As part of the effort to make Xenia, Ohio a destination point, the company’s goal is to be a critical partner in this effort with a top-shelf product and an excellent reputation. The Dayton area beer family is dedicated and loyal. Devil Wind is certain to have a positive impact on the city of Xenia and the Greater Dayton area.

The company will stand out by focusing on beer styles that are not being widely produced in the Dayton area. These will consist of European ales and lagers, specifically German lagers, as well as innovative and newer American styles of beers. Devil Wind hopes to introduce all beer drinkers to styles that they might not be familiar with, as well as provide their favorites. The brewers have worked in breweries and brewery supply stores, providing experience to the craft. With the experience they have acquired in previous jobs, the brewers at Devil Wind will create consistent and quality beers.

The craft beer market in the Dayton area has exploded within the past three years. The Dayton area has the most breweries per capita in Ohio. As of October, 2016, there are 14 craft breweries in the Greater Dayton area, including Middletown and Springfield. There are no craft breweries currently in Xenia. The latest craze in craft beer are sour-style beers. Devil Wind plans to take advantage of this rise in sour beers by producing different styles of sours throughout the year, including goses and berliner weisses.

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