Kennedy Property Group


Location Information

74 North Orange Street Suite 200
Xenia, Ohio 45385

Phone: (937) 372-5552

Company Description

Kennedy Korners was created in 1960 in Xenia, Ohio by Xenia natives as a property management and development company aimed at producing and maintaining high quality commercial real estate with a service and business ethic to match.  As a company, we are dedicated to the furthering and success of local businesses along with local people.  This comes from a deep rooted concern and interest for Xenia and its surrounding communities as a whole.  Xenia locations include business centers in the midtown district of Xenia where several establishments from varying business arenas call home.  Kennedy Korners strives to develop and maintain property for clients that are interested in having things done right.  For further information and inquiries please contact Joe Kennedy at 937.372.5552 or

Return on Investment... It Pays To Belong

When a business invests in the Xenia Area Chamber, it forms a partnership with over 400 other investors that leverage time, money, and other assets to create stronger individual businesses and a stronger community.