Seiter Services Seek Experienced Electricians and Plumbers - Posted July 2021

Looking for Experienced Electricians and Plumbers- Excellent and competitive wages and benefits

Work Schedule  - Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 4:00
Overtime: Paid for over 8 hours per day
                  1-1/2 pay on Saturday and Double time for Sundays
                  Minimum Emergency On Call

Electricians must have over 6 years experience with:
 Install, maintain and repair electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems.
 Read technical diagrams and blueprints.
 Perform general electrical maintenance.
 Inspect transformers and circuit breakers and other electrical components.
 Troubleshoot electrical issues using appropriate of testing devices.
 Repair and replace panels, equipment, electrical wiring, or fixtures.
 Follow National Electrical Code state and local building regulations.
 Circuit breaker corrective maintenance.
 Good knowledge of various test equipment.

Plumbers must have over 6 years experience with:
 Reading and interpreting blueprints to assess or plan plumbing installations and layouts.
 Installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing systems and fixtures.
 Fitting and repairing various household appliances.
 Cutting, welding and assembling pipes, tubes, fittings, and fixtures.
 Inspecting and testing plumbing systems for safety, functionality, and code compliance.
 Handling customer queries and responding to call outs.
 Troubleshooting and resolving problems.
 Assisting in the preparation of cost estimates.

Email resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for more information at 937-298-4200 | 937-372-6262.

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