Chamber Offers New Prescription Card!

Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce Helps Members take control of their health care expenses

prescriptioncard XACC announcing a plan to offer their member access to prescription medications at 50 to 87 percent rate reductions. The savings are made possible by RxCut® whose program will be offered to members, thier employees and organization members at no cost.  Stop by the chamber to get as many cards as you need or download the app, link at the end of this release.

Last year, U.S. drug spend increased $43 Billion- the highest in 13 years- while the average copay increased 34%. However, real earnings for full-time, year-round workers were flat during the same time period. The difference between rising health care costs and income discourages people from obtaining the health care services they need. XACC's leadership has decided to step in and offer a solution that lowers costs while requiring no financial commitment on the part of the participant.  We believe this will become a valuable benefit for you and your employees/members.

The RxCut® program is entirely consistent with XACC mission to provide members much needed benefits.

“Employers need to be able to offer any and all solutions to their employees regarding health care costs,” said Alan Liming, President. “Any time that we are able to help drive health care costs down, we are doing what we have set out to do. We’re very happy to offer this solution to anyone who needs it.”

The RxCut® card is generated by New Millennium Inc. ® in Mount Laurel, NJ and will be distributed in the Xenia market area. The program is unique as unlike other discount cards can provide substantial savings to even those with prescription benefits. The program was engineered by Gerard Ferro in 2008 after more than 28 years in benefit consulting and managed care network development. The company earns its income only when the member saves at the pharmacy making it a truly performance based offering.

To print your free card or search for the best price for your medications visit:

 About New Millennium Consultants, Inc.

Our flagship pharmacy discount card, RxCut® was designed to help all Americans control the cost of their prescription medication. Our card is accepted at over 64,000 pharmacies including, major drug chains, supermarkets, box stores and independents. It works on all FDA approved brand and generic medication and even works for pet meds. We collect no personal information so anyone can use the same card. Our goal is to bring adequate health care within the financial reach of everyone who needs it. Contact Al Branca for additional information at (856) 304-4874.


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